FESTA Career Training Programme

The aim of this publication is to improve women’s participation in STEM by empowering them to strategically manage their careers by systematically increasing their awareness of the institutional procedures and politics that may influence their work and careers.

Four case studies were undertaken at universities in Ireland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Denmark. The career trajectories of men and women at early-mid- and senior levels were investigated in order to determine those factors which advance or impede a career in academia. The research sample included both men and women evenly distributed across positions and gender. Overall the sample included 106 individuals: fifty-seven men and forty-nine women. Cross national analyses of the interview transcripts were undertaken and facilitated the definition of nine clusters of competences, knowledge and skills required for a successful academic career in STEM.

The nine clusters subsequently formed the basis for a strategic career management webtool and a corresponding set of nine training modules, which make up the FESTA Career Training Programme, presented here.

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