New report: Improving Meeting Culture

One of FESTAs objectives is to improve meeting cultures.

This means to minimize the negative effects of gendered interactional patterns by structuring formal and informal meetings in ways that are based on collaboration and negotiation rather than traditional academic positioning. This way, all interactants – and especially women, considering their relative disadvantageous present representation – will obtain a more equally distributed share of consideration and appreciation for their contribution.

In this report the authors focus on how to facilitate open and constructive communication and how to be aware of the subtle ways of giving and taking away voice, power and visibility.

With these techniques and approaches, our own experience shows us that it is possible to foster meeting cultures, which provide structure and space for integrative, inclusive and respectful collaboration – and thereby powerful ways of interacting are made possible which may serve as alternatives to otherwise typical and dominating discriminatory, competitive and excluding working environments in Academia with its major implications for gender.

Nina Almgren, Uppsala University.
Fredrik Molin, Uppsala University.
Minna Salminen-Karlsoon, Uppsala University.
Irina Topuzova, South-West University, Bulgaria.
Georgi Apostolov, South-West University, Bulgaria.
Liv Baisner, University of Southern Denmark.
Eva Sophia Myers, University of Southern Denmark.

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