Tools and handbooks

HANDBOOK: Gender-sensitive Design of Criteria and Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Processes in Academia

Handbook of organizational change

Deliverable 5.1.1. Perceptions of excellence in hiring processes

Deliverable 5.1.2. Handbook: Gender issues in recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Processes

6.2 Toolkit: Gender sensitive PhD supervision

7. Resistance Handbook




3.1.2 Report: FESTA StrategicCareer Manager

3.2.2 Individual Awareness Raising

4.2.2 Gendering organization change: implementation of recommendations and training programmes

5.2.2 Working with Gender and Excellence in the Local Context

4.1.1. Gendering Decision Making and Communications Processes

4.2.1 Methodologies and measures for analysing informal decision-making and communication processes

5.1.1. Perceptions of excellence in hiring processes

5.2.1. Excellence and gender in the working environment

6.1.1. Improving meeting culture


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