WP3: Raising awareness

WP3.1 - Rasing individual awareness

WP3.2 - Rasing organizational awareness

The objectives of WP3 are:

  • to ensure that change is implemented in the partner institutions through awareness raising for the individual and for the organisation.

  • raising awareness for the individual, will illustrate the career paths of successful SET academics, highlighting significant points in their careers. The objective of this task is to give female faculty currently on a career path a detailed understanding of career development and promotion prospects allowing them to understand particular strategies required at various points which will support their future career development.

  • raising organizational awareness, is designed to find out best ways of using organizational statistics to promote women’s careers. We will compare how the collection of equality statistics varies between different higher education institutions to understand what measures can be analyzed in different organizational contexts. The objective of this task is to generate statistics which will serve as a starting point for actions for different groups and different levels at an institution: they can be used by management on different levels, or they can be used as a tool in gender equality work among all academic staff in a particular unit.


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