15 Sep 2014

Today is international day of democracy

14 Jul 2014

Next PMG meeting will be in October, 2014, in Bulgaria. Ще се видим.

14 Jul 2014

It is vacation time in Denmark. We wish you a happy summer!

01 May 2014

To read!

Siri Hustvedt: The Blazing World

16 Sep 2013

15 September was International Day of Democracy

06 Sep 2013

Check out the gender equality site at the European Commission:

23 Aug 2013

First financial reporting coming up. What is form C again?

03 Jul 2013

Go to the Gallery to view pictures from Athens

01 Jul 2013

The consortium has arrived in Athens. EDI conference starts today.

29 Jun 2013

Suitcase, sunscreen, sun hat, passport. Ready for Athens!


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